CBD and Drug Metabolism – How It Interacts with Other Drugs

20 Aug

CBD and Drug Metabolism – How It Interacts with Other Drugs

Cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in plants of the cannabis family. Hemp and marijuana, members of this plant family contain around 113 compounds of cannabidiol in them. CBD is one of them. Hemp has a higher amount of cannabidiol than marijuana, which contains a higher amount of THC.

CBD comes in many forms like CBD oil, CBD vape, and edibles like CBD candy, CBD gummies, and many more. You can buy CBD products extracted from hemp without prescription from any CBD certified store. CBD candy is the best choice if you don’t like the medicinal taste of the oil.

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 Benefits of CBD 

CBD has gained a lot of attention for its benefits on physical and mental issues. It is extremely beneficial for senior citizens as it has the potential to ease symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and many other health conditions.

Although it is not commonly prescribed by doctors, it is backed by scientific evidence.

  • Relieving chronic pain: Our body has a specialized system called the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating a variety of functions that includes pain.

Studies have shown that CBD can lessen persistent pain by impacting the endocannabinoid receptor action, which further reduces inflammation and interacts with the neurotransmitters.

  • Alleviate Cancer-Related symptoms: CBD also reduces symptoms related to cancer and its side effects like vomiting, pain, and nausea. Studies have shown that CBD and THC, when taken together, showed amazing results in reducing such symptoms.

As mentioned earlier, CBD has many other benefits. It has very few side-effects as it is 100% natural. If taken in the right quantity, CBD will not show any kind of side-effects, but when taken in excessive quantity, it may show side-effects like mild nausea, fatigue, and diarrhea.

 Wondering how CBD interacts with other drugs?

Researches show that CBD has the potential to interact with some medications.

Cytochrome P450 enzymes and Drug metabolism

Your body has to metabolize every medication you take. Drug metabolism happens throughout the body, especially in the liver. Cytochrome P450 (CYP450), a family of enzymes, converts the foreign substance to eliminate them from the body. Some medications speed up this process and some make it slower. This is called a drug interaction.

CYP450 is the enzyme responsible for metabolizing the cannabinoids, including the CBD. Within the CYP450 family, CBD interferes the most with the CYP3A4 enzyme. If your medication contains this enzyme and you take CBD along with it, either the medication will not be effective or the CBD will not be processed.

 When to avoid CBD?

You must consult your doctor, if you want to take CBD when you are on other medications. Also, if you are on medication, avoid CBD edibles, and use topicals as they don’t enter the bloodstream.

You must avoid CBD if your medications have a grapefruit warning label. It indicates that the people taking these medications must avoid grapefruit. Grapefruit and CBD can result in slowed metabolization.